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Love is like a journey that is full of surprises. You’ll never know whom will you meet or where the journey will lead you to.

It is like when two people from separate paths intertwine and look forward to a new journey together.

For me I don’t know much about love but I believe that life isn’t complete without love.

No matter how your journey is, I trust that marriage is only the beginning of your Journey to Love.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Malaysia Wedding Photographer - Kitphotographer

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Ke Ming and Chai Hoon

This trip I was travel to Kuala Terengganu for their wedding shoot, it was a amazing trip for me.
Chai Hoon is one of the most happiest bride I ever see, you can check out their shoot she just so excited during her wedding day and she really enjoy every moment .

*Click here to view Ke Ming & Chai Hoon Wedding Album*

Ukay Cher

Model I shooting for
I just pick up some profile and candid shoot during the shoot.

Kent & Yandy

Is not easy to get 100% fully trust from my client, to get some good shoot during wedding, I always encourage my groom or bride please always believe to the photographer you already hired, if you can't really believe to your photographer, is very difficult for you enjoy during your wedding event.
Yandy, she's one of the bride really trust of his photographer, during wedding event she never care about what i do, she just let go everything....

Wolf & Macy

The amazing thing happen in my wedding job, my client is no longer my client,there all become my good friend. We always keep in touch and chat after their wedding.
This trip i was travel to Ipoh for Wolf & Macy wedding day.we have drink and have some Ipoh nice food during the day i was in Ipoh. The most funny thing i ever happen in this trip, before the bride Macy start doing her make-up, we went out for Ipoh famous breakfast "Tim Sum" before the event begin, she is not nervous at all !!!

Sean & Kellie

This couple really meaning for me, I start knowing them many year ago,saw them start the relationship together until the day there get married. Kellie is very worried she look fat in camera,i keep convince her don't worry about the fat thing, just enjoy your wedding day. To all my bride, don't worry about you going to look fat in camera, just be yourself and enjoy your big day, my job is doing my best make you look good in my shoot....

Foo Ying & Lee Yin

Stamina is one of the important thing for become a wedding photographer, we need to shoot from early morning, in the afternoon we still need to get ready the wedding slide show for your dinner. So to make sure I have enough stamina to work on it, I have to keep exercise and gym. Lee Yin is one of the bride that very care about every detail happen during her wedding day, before her wedding day, she keep chat with me and discuss with me how and what gonna happen during her memorable day...

Advon & Namsai

Before the shoot start, we was discuss before the shoot. I was suggest we can make it like a picnic shoot and give the shoot in more natural way. Advon & Namsai really go shopping and get some props for the shoot,it was really nice if every client can work with me on that way.

Benjamin & Sherena

Is not easy to handle photographer job, Benjamin and his father are doing photography business too. To make a photographer believe in you is even more difficult that make other people believe on you.

So what's the most important thing to become a good photographer, here I will list down what I feel:

1st, Art Sense ( photography consider represent your art work and creativity, you must have your own view and own eye to create every shoot )
2nd, Art Direction ( you must have your own art direction even just capture a wedding )
3rd, Communication ( we can't just go there shoot and leave, you need to communicate with your client very well in every moment )
4th, Technical ( you have to keep practice until you can capture in different kind of environment, you will never know lot of unexpected thing will happen during wedding day )
5th, Sensitive ( you have to be very sensitive with human body language and stay alert what is gonna happen around you )
6th, Investment ( get the most suitable camera gear for your wedding shoot and your laptop as well )
7th, Darkroom ( today photography has no longer using dark room, you need to study using different kind of software to create your finishing )
8th, Health ( once your client engage you for their wedding day, make sure yourself are very healthy on that day)
9th, Passion ( you have to love your job and love your client every moment )

BS & Yun

I really appreciate that everyone keep support me and keep introduce my blog to everyone.
The most happiest thing on me is when my client receive their photo, there was so happy and feel excited to receive their photo, every time I saw their feedback, it really give me a strong motivation.

David & Renee

Well,wedding is not just a 1 or 2 day job,to clarify my work,it suppose to be 1 or 2 week job.
If today i just need to shoot and give you the photo directly that will be very easy job for me, but too bad photography is not just like this.
After every wedding shoot i need to filter thousand of shoot and select all the good and trash the bad shoot, adjust all the lighting and start editing every images one by one, it really kill lot of time. Lot people not understand editing work that we spend is more that we capture that day,to make sure my client get all the images with right adjustment, we have to do that for you.
I won't create very strange color or weird color for my client wedding album,no matter how i adjust the color or lighting, i will make sure my client look good and their skin color will be look natural and comfortable.

Darius & Chloe

The schedule for the full day wedding ceremony is really important,you need to plan it well, enough time for make-up (start as earlier as possible), after make-up still got time for portrait and taking photo with others.
One of the most important I have to mention, to all my bride's,please don't handle too much of thing during your wedding day, please pass all the arrangement work for someone you can trust. If you handle too much of thing during your wedding day, you can't really enjoy your day because you spend most of your time working on something else.

Terence & Kelly

I have taken lot of good shoot and i love lot of my shoot but the most strange thing is i never satisfy all my shoot,i always feel i am not good enough.
Maybe be that's the reason to make me keep improve and keep motivate myself.
When i free, I like to browse around Google, check out lot of Malaysia wedding photographer work, photographer like Edwin Tan, Zung the photoz, Adam Ong, Jenny Sun, Jon Low, Daren Chong, Sunny Sun...etc
I dunno one of them but I still feel I am quite new in wedding photography service.
To get myself improve and to keep update myself,i have to do lot research and study.
Sometimes I would like to see some oversea work too, website like
it will inspire me,maybe you can so more research too to give you more idea about this.

Sunny & Helen

I was so exciting during that day because I just upgrade my camera before that day.
Before this I still using my old version camera for my wedding photography service, but the Bride Helen is more excited that me because she is so excited to hire me as her wedding photographer.


One of the most important thing for photographer job is you have to do rece when you are free.
You have to do lot of research and travel lot of location study as much as you can. I went to Taiping one of the most beautiful town in Malaysia do some portrait shoot for my ex-colleague.
I hope one day I can come to this town again for shooting for pre-wedding shoot or engagement portrait.

Kelvin & Pooi Yee

This will be my 1st time shooting for pre-wedding album,before this I still don't have much idea for pre-wedding shoot, I do as much research as I can and I choose the location myself. Kelvin agree with the location with me, there rent some gown and bought some clothes for this shoot as well.

Ling Ruey & Jun Mei